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I am Claire, the founder of Sonder & Meraki and member of the British Educational Research Association (BERA), The British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society (BELMAS) and Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM). I am a full-time teacher, head of design and technology in a secondary school, subject specialist for the local teacher training consortium and mum of three (plus a pug!). Given all of this, I completely understand the need for data collection from teachers, who are often time poor, to be quick and easy with minimal long term or onerous commitments. 


My love for educational research grew throughout my Masters in Education journey with Buckingham University and has been inspired by the literature that I have read, the conversations’ I have had and the curiosity within me. I yearn to ask questions - many questions - and employ critical thinking, which helps me to create informed intentions. 


With a background and degree in design, I naturally work in an iterative and solution focused manner, which closely reflects principles of the design process, that I have successfully embedded within my work for many years. The research stage of the design process was always where my strengths lay and it is these skills that I have refined to create a bricolage style of educational research.  I hope the dissemination of my research will contribute to a progressive and high-quality education for all.